City rain

Well lately a lot has been going on.

First and most importantly I’ve lost my uncle Moses a worrier to the end I was blessed to hear his words he had for me before departing to be with our family on the other side. I’ll hold on to those words forever ♥️.

Second I lost my job…let’s not really get into that let’s just say it was the lamest excuse you could think of to fire someone with..

Any how there will be others and with out a doubt better in a few beneficial ways. I’m still greatful for the opportunity so let’s not let the petty over shadow the fact that at the end of it all I still have love for that office and the people in it🙄

I have ave so many things clouding my mind and racing thoughts, pretty much an all out war up there sometimes…do I stay? Where do I go? I need to start I making the right choice?Fuck it I’m ready let’s go! And then all the doubts come flooding in and etc..

haddling the joys of ..toddlerhood isn’t getting easier either. Not only is baby super grouchy and now hardly wants anything but junk to eat he started pre school so come on sick days YES! Seems like this house is always getting sick now and I always end up the worst’s probably because moms don’t get to take care of themselves while managing other sicklings and everyday house chores.

So today…im just hanging out and figuring out one move at a time.


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