Ok everyone! Thank you so much for waiting, shipment took a little longer then I expected. A little info on the bomber:

I ordered sizes 4&6. I’m 5’8 165lb  36DDD possibly DD I’ve been loosing weight. I find the size 4 to be snug around the bottom area. The boob area fits well I can zip it all the way up with out looking like my boobs are about to bust through the zipper haha. Everything i ordered from the Carli Byble line I ordered a size down, i’m trying to lose 15-20 more pounds. ….now I have to buy a steamer, Silk/Satin wrinkles easily -.-

I plan to do give a ways every 1-3 months,  I have duplicates of things and hell why not?? I’m still trying to pick up more bombers since PEOPLE HAVE A LIFE AND CAN’T SIT AROUND FOR HOUR’S AND GET NOTHING!!!! I have a mental note of what sizes to shoot for and these will not be given away these will be for sale. All I can do is do my best!

I love talking make up and have been into beauty (like every other girl in the world) My whole Life! So here are the rules…

  • Whats your holy grail make up product?
  • what was the very first make up product you’ve applied to your face? example mine was my grandmothers red lip stick, when I was 5 🙂
  • what was the worst product you’ve recently tried?
  • ANNNNNNNND thats it! Pretty simple right? It’s suppose to be fun! You can stick around or you can win your products and leave no worries. The point is in life you gotta give here and there. I hope you stick around and see my many adventures and share our love for the beauty world!
  • Note this is a Size 6 thats available for this give away.
  • Feel free to follow any of my other sites, It’s all a work in progress. Thanks again!
  • Give away ends Tuesday, July 26th @8am that’ll give me time to get everything ready for shipment!

40 thoughts on “IT’S HERE!!

  1. Holy grail is armani foundation
    Worst product is too faced make up foundation which was awful.
    Tried my mums foundation when i wAs little and was too dark and looked like a little ompa lumpa 🙂

      1. Hey its called born this way just was
        Awful on my skin i have oily skin and just melted off and broke me
        Out 🙁 x

  2. Holy Grail: Melt cosmetics (matte lipsticks my fav).
    Worse product: Revlon foundation. It was irritating my skin.
    First make up: my grandma’s Avon lipstick when I was 5/6year old.

    1. Omg! almost forgot about Avon! My family did the whole mary -kay thing. Make up parties every tuesday…just the day before bible study wednesday 🙂

      1. Wow, Mary Kay. That was luxury. So many good memories brought back from this post. I forgot about Avon and Mary Kay!

  3. My holy grail product is Jaclyn Hill’s face palette !
    First make up product I ever used was my mom’s lipstick when I was little
    Worst product … hmmm probably my MAC foundation, it broke me out terribly.

  4. Whats your holy grail make up product?
    Mine is Mac under eye concelear
    what was the very first make up product you’ve applied to your face? i started applying eyeliner in middle school and ended up looking like a raccoon after gym class!

    Worse product: two faced lip injection , gave me a bad reaction around my lips !

  5. Holy Grail: Dior Fix It 2 in 1 Prime & Conceal- I cant leave the house without this product. Skip foundation ane just use this- you’ll look just as put together and flawless!

    First makeup product used: My moms Lancome blush!

    Worst Product I’ve tried recently: YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch- I wanted to love this but it looked like i had so many creases under my eye that i never knew i had. But it was long lasting. i would say it stayed put for 10 hours even in this ny heat!

      1. I know what you mean. I dont have that much time either sometimes or the patience lol. but its been my holygrail product for a while now def give it a try and if it doesn’t work, Sephora has an awesome return policy 😉

  6. My holy grail product would have to be my Laura mercier translucent setting powder. The first product I have a solid memory of trying on was black liquid eyeliner in highschool. I wanted to learn the cat eye so bad. And ended up looking just like amy Whinehouse, but still rocked it Cuz I didn’t know any better lol. And the worst product I’ve tried would have to be nyx setting powder because you look like a ghost of u take a photo with flash while wearing it. Or, bare minerals primer. It wrecked my skin for a while!!

    1. Oh wow thank you for telling me about the bare minerals primer, that would’ve been all bad and that was actually on my to buy list. Thank you! have you tried the La mer powder?? Love it so far 🙂

      1. I haven’t tried the brightening powder. I’m always tempted when I go to pick mine up tho. I’ll have to finally get one next time. I could buy everything in sephora. I’m sure we all could lol. Building a makeup collection of faves, and finding new things you love is soooo much fun. This comment section is throwing some great new ideas out there for me to try!! Can’t wait.

  7. Whats your holy grail make up product?
    I would def. Have to say its my beauty blender even though it isnt makeup, my makeup wouldnt come out the same without it.

    what was the very first make up product you’ve applied to your face?
    My moms dior eyeshadow when i was 3. From what im told i made a mess on the beige carpet.
    what was the worst product you’ve recently tried?
    I tried the kat von d lock it foundation and although i like full coverage foundation, i felt like it was just too much.

  8. My Holy grail makeup has to be benefit porefessional primer. Love it underneath makeup as well as days I don’t feel like putting makeup on Worst makeup has to be mac foundation, it left me so greasy and to top it off broke me out
    First make I ever tried was my mothers Chapstick at age 3 and I thought I looked fly Hahah

  9. My Holy Grail – Too Faced Born this way Foundation
    First Makeup Product I used- was my mom’s little mini sample Avon lipsticks remember the super teenie tiny samples ” it was red” lol
    Worst product- is the Milani Concealer + perfect foundation-

  10. My Holy Grail – Carli Bybel BH pallette
    My first makeup product – Maybelline Great lash Mascara
    Worst product- La girl matte primer

  11. Holy grail: too faced chocolate soleil bronzer
    First makeup product: moms mascara that ended up poking me in the eye lol
    Worst makeup product: maybelline lipstick…it smelled horrible and dried out my lips

  12. My Holy Grail is Kat Von D shade and light pallette.

    My first makeup product was the cherry clear lip gloss in the roller ball . Smelled so good !

    Worst is NYX cosmetics eye primer

  13. Holy Grail product would be Nats Sheer glow foundation

    First would be the old school cover girl compact that smelled like Noxzema, 3 shades too light ! lol

    Worst is OCC lip tar they leave my lips chapped for the next few days really drying.

  14. Holy grail product would have to be RCMA no color powder makes my skin look flawless especially for baking

    First ever makeup product used was I took my older sisters mascara and used it in the third grade. I looked like a mess haha

    Worst product would have to be Benifit liquid to powder BB cream ended up just balling up and falling right off my face lol!

  15. My holy grail product is Mac fix plus and Laura mercier translucent powder.
    Worst product : ysl rouge pur couture vernis a levres
    First makeup product : my mon’s lipstick whe I was little ( a vampy colour lol)
    Thanks for this opportunity

  16. SNAPPING some of your comments! I LOVE THEM! jrabbitv I believe that’s my snap name. If not I posted the snap code on my ig and the icon is on my blog on the left hand side. THANK YOU!

  17. holy grail make up product? Kylie Jenner Mary Jo. It’s the perfect red and makes your teeth look super duper white
    what was the very first make up product you’ve applied to your face? my mothers maybeline mascara when I was 7. I got in so much trouble for playing with mommy makeup
    what was the worst product you’ve recently tried? Macs spike eye now pencil. I like Anastasia way way more !!

  18. Holy grail at the moment is Bite beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in thistle.
    First makeup product: eyeliner
    Worst product: which saddens me because I lover her is the Becca by Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette 🙁

  19. Holy grail Laura mercier translucent powder
    First makeup product lip gloss
    Worst product clinique 3steps for oily skin. I never see so much break out in my entire life!!! Thank you for the oportunity!!

  20. Holy Grail: Nars creamy concealer
    First Makeup product: my sister cover girl mascara.
    Worst product: Urban Decay DNA Repair beauty balm. It left me so orange and so greasy. I hated it. !
    Your are amazing for doing this by the way.

  21. Holy grail: Mac studio Foundation
    First Makeup product: MAC lipstick in creme d nude lol

    Worst makeup: Loreal bb creme

  22. Holy grail product has to be milani multitasker.
    The first type of make up i ever used has to be my cousins face powder at the age of 8. Totally thought it didnt work cause i couldnt tell the difference.. She knew once she seen me.
    The worst product i have tried recently has to be the maybelline lumi concealer in nude. It doesnt highlight, nor add any dewy or lumi finish. Also it runs out faster than the rest of the concealers i have. Its also a few dollars more than the rest of my concealers.

  23. My Goly Grail Makeup Product Is My Anastasia Self Made Palette . It’s Amazing And I Love All The Shades And How Pigmented They Are .
    The First product I Ever Used Was A Marykay Eyeliner At The Age Of 10 That Belong To My Mom .
    & Ny Worst Product Experience Lately Was A Wet And Wild Lipstick . It Was Dry & I Just Didnt Like It .

  24. Hey Marilyn !

    So glad you are doing this giveaway! Really nice way to pay it forward 🙂

    So my holy grail makeup product has to be the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer!! Can’t live without it!
    The first product I ever put on was the Covergirl LashBlast Mascara in brown. I had read in a Seventeen magazine that if you had light hair, brown mascara goes best! Lol
    The worst product ive tried is the ELF blush in Flushed :/ it’s so chalky! It also does not last on the cheeks, but it only costs one dollar so I can’t really complain ahaha!

    1. You took me back to the days I would be in my room copying make up looks and tips from beauty mags. Thank you for this comment, I loved reading it 🙂

      1. Same here!! I remember I would run around the house looking for spare change to be able to buy the magazine! I would beg my sister to walk me to 7/11 to buy it!

  25. Hi Marilyn!

    My holy grail makeup product would be the Too Faced Better than sex mascara it is amazing! Obsessed with it and am currently on my 4th tube.
    The first product I ever tried on we’re the jolly rancher flavored lip glosses when I was in middle school.
    The worst product I have tried would have to be the Kylie Jenner glosses they are not your regular gloss and I purchased from her first release which was the one with the messed up brush:/

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  26. So my holy grail product is the too faced born this way foundation! Love that stuff I have oily skin and it is just perfect and cruelty free. But since I couldn’t choose 1 I also have to mention the ABH modern renaissance palette. I’ve had it less than a month and it’s the eyeshadow palette I’ve used the most ever. Perfect for a girl that loves warm tones.

    The first product I used was my moms Clinique eyeshadow due when I was in 8th grade so I was 13.

    The worst product I have tried has to be the cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer, all the shades are way to light for my skin and it creases like no other!

    Thank you for doing this Marilyn! This is such a beautiful gesture I wish nothing but the best for you and your family!

  27. My holy grail is rose water spray bc it refreshes & ALWAYS keeps my face hydrated!
    The first ever makeup product was my moms lipstick! She would always put a nude color
    On me when I was little before “special events” lol
    The worst product I’ve tried is benefit watts up highlighter !! It was so hard to blend and looked so bad on my skin tone.

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