Adding some color.


Via a youtuber I’m subscribed to. LoneyLane mentions these on her video. Though it was sponsored I liked the idea of a quick color change that I don’t have to worry about ruining my hair or going back to a stylist and having them remove it. It’s like a conditioner. Washes out in 10-20 wishes depending on how long you leave it on for. I applied blue at the bottom purple in the middle then pink up top. It only works on blonde to the very lightest shade brown(borderline blonde) no ammonia, no bleach smells fruity 🙂 next time I will do all purple, I can tell it’ll make a nice toner if I just leave it for 5 minutes and wash. I did how ever notice a residue feel but I’m not sure if that was due to it not washing all the way out because I use gentle mild shampoos from wholefoods. I’ve washed my hair twice since then and no more residue feel…not bad for a $7.99 product from Walgreens. Ulta also carries it online, not sure if its in store as well but I couldn’t wait! My mom bun just went up a notch hahaha for Coachilling at home.

Next time I’m going all pink!

4-24-16 217

4-24-16 2404-24-16 243

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