Meatless Meals

This is just my own personal take on food. As a disclaimer i’m in no way a nutritionist, doctor or specialist of any kind. 

i’m still continuing to explore in finding new foods. It all started off with basically sampling food products from all over the world. Thanks to places like world market 🙂 so feel free to leave comments we all can explore, shed knowledge and learn. 

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the photos up top are from this brand Gardein i just threw away the packaging by accident! I believe they are the teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef and their meatless meat balls.

you can have fun with it and pair them with anything you’d like. Upper left first photo is raw cauliflower rice, chickenless teriyaki topped with sweet potato noodles.  Underneath that to the left is cooked cauliflower rice, beefless teriyaki topped with zucchini noodles. And to the right t is Trader Joe’s panini mix (i’ll insert a photo when i re purchase it) topped with raw zucchini noodles. the crabless cakes are my favorite so far! i usually just eat them alone. The crispy fingers are good as well just taste like chicken fingers. so far I’ve just paired them with sweet potato fries for lunch,or toss them into a salad.

Down below are the meatless/ soy free options I’ve found so far!

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Made nachos with this ground beefless meat option. Works just like real meat so don’t be shy on seasoning it. My first time cooking with it so I lightly seasonsed it and it came out plain.

4-12-16 081These are sooo good!

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More soyless options I’ve found.Try your local whole foods or even Ralphs!

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 for veggie noodles you can use a spiral vegetable slicer(you can get one at walmart for about $40.00) or buy them pre-made at whole foods.

Cauliflower rice you can use a food processor, just chop up the raw cauliflower into chucks toss it in the processor and pulse until you see it looks like rice. You can eat it just like that or you can toss some oil in a pan and cook it up a bit. i usually add garlic powder when I cook it.

They also have this pre-made at wholefoods 🙂

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